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Hear lots of great new acoustic artists!!
CD/DVD Collection of Chicago's finest acoustic artists, including
Scottish McMillan

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If you're feeling a bit lost, then find two hours to sit and watch this movie. If it doesn't change your perspective, then you're either already enlightened, or totally hopeless.
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Hear lots of great new acoustic artists!!

Acoustic Chicago CD/DVD available now!
Hear some of Chicago's finest players/songwriters... My song "Infinity Grooves is featured here, along with music from Marty Casey and The Lovehammers, Micki Croisant, Andreas Kapsalis Trio, Malcolm Palmer, Sarah Potenza, Mike Mangione, and many more!


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Read lyrics to songs on my CD,"Vice Verses" online...
(They're not lame, I swear.)

RIGHT RONGLY is the name of the rock duo featuring me and drummer Ryan Aiello... And it allows me to do everything I've ever dreamed of doing with my guitar and voice. I've never felt better about a collaboration, and we're getting busier (and better) all the time! :D
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Right Rongly's MySpace Page.


The fine folks at www.JustPlainFolks.org have named me as a Top 5 Finalist from a field of about 15,000 performers for their annual award for Best Live Performance of the Year.


"Whatever Remains", from Vice Verses CD, makes it onto the listener-chosen Top 50 at American Idol Underground website! (as of June 2006)


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  Yada Yada || Look! || Goings On || Hoopla... || ...la la la || Comin' Up || Where You Been?
Aw, shucks... || I'm with the Band || Hey, Scottish! || enough about me || Sweet home

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